Perfectionists Are Giving Each Other Eye-Gasms By Sharing Satisfying “Perfect Fit” Photos (50 Pics)

If you love oddly satisfying pictures, you’re really going to enjoy this subreddit. It’s called Perfect Fit.

“We’re a subreddit for things that, surprisingly and satisfyingly, fit perfectly into each other,” the community writes.

We’re talking window blinds that cast lines at the same degree as the handrail, bath mats that line up with the tiles, and musicians who merge perfectly with their instruments. You know, the good stuff.

Maybe it’s the excitement of the unexpected that got 893k people to join this community. Or the soothing of their OCD. But whatever it is, it’s working. And it’s so damn fulfilling.

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#1 The Sunset’s Light

When you think about it, many of these satisfying perfect fit pictures could be described as… kind of dull. Uneventful. Especially on the Internet, a place where you can watch jaw-dropping “people are awesome” compilations and live footage from the Las Vegas wedding chapel cam.

However, that may be precisely the appeal, Jessica Gall Myrick, a media psychologist at The Pennsylvania State University, said.

“Even if you don’t consciously realize you’re stressed, your body is aware that you’re stressed or physiologically aroused,” Myrick told Live Science, using the scientific term for being in a state of high alertness. “That could drive you toward this type of soothing, interesting content.”

#2 Just Some Dam Sexy Work

Naturally, photos on your device don’t have the tactile sensations of real-world activities, but it appears that they also do the trick.

#3 I Picture I Took Of The London Eye Through The Window On A Boat On The Thames

#4 My Wife Was Wearing The Right Jacket At The Right Time. Pleasanton Ridge, Ca

#5 Belongs Here I Thought

#6 Loading Like This Takes Skill, Vision, And Teamwork In The Moving World. Mad Respect To Those That Take Pride In Their Work

#7 The Shadow On The Walkway…

#8 Poppop Is Super Excited To Share His Box Wrapping Seam

#9 These Shoes

#10 5000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle On My Dining Table. Corner To Corner And Edge To Edge

#11 This Image

#12 My Window Blinds Cast Lines At The Same Degree As My Handrail

#13 God Has Chosen This Vehicle

#14 Finally, A Hotel That Understands

#15 My Friend In This Rock Wall Nook

#16 He Is Equally As Excited As I Am

#17 Calcifers Mask

#18 Someone On My Yard Sale Group Bought This Sarcophagus Without Measuring And Found Themselves With A Perfect Fit

#19 The Shelves In This Store

#20 Had A Pair Of Prescription Lenses Which Fit Perfectly In My Mask. I Could See All The Fishies Clearly!

#21 My Wife’s Wedding Ring Inside Of Mine

#22 Perfeclty Aligned

#23 Some Covid Art I Did

#24 ‘Let It Snow’ Wrapping Paper

#25 I Washed My Linens And Rugs, It Took Me A While To Find My Missing Bath Rug

#26 Bought This Storage Box For Our Seat Cushions Thinking It Was More Than Big Enough, This Is Every Cushion

#27 The Sun Fit Perfectly With The Road At A Camping Spot I Go To Every Summer

#28 What Do You Say About This

#29 Came Down Early Morning To Make A Coffee In My Kitchen And A Van Has Pulled Up Next Door With Its Vinyls Perfectly Positioned At My Window. Initially, A Small Amount Of Wee Was Involuntarily Expelled

#30 My Eggs Came Out Very Balanced This Morning

#31 How This Bath Mat Lines Up With The Tiles

#32 I Don’t Know Does It Fit Here

#33 Found In A Local Supermarket

#34 One Of The Stranger Perfect Fits

#35 Soda Can In Railing

#36 Commentators Wrist/Cuff Completes Dustin Johnson’s Head

#37 My Mailman Must Read This Sub

#38 My Grandpa Playing A Standup Bass

#39 Bought My First Christmas Tree Without Measuring First. Turns Out It Is The Perfect Height For My Apartment

#40 I Wasn’t Bready For This One

#41 This Truck In A Tunnel

#42 Just Bought A New TV Today, We Were Relieved To Say The Least

#43 Not Sure If This Counts?

#44 This Car Against The Fitted Tree

#45 Scales On A Kitchen Tile

#46 My Curved TV In The Corner Of My Bedroom

#47 I Perfectly Fit; I’m 4’11”

#48 This Happened At Work The Other Day

#49 I Was Gonna Buy A New Desk……maybe Not Now

#50 Perfect Fit