50 Funny Examples Of “Kid Logic” That Make No Sense To Adults

It’s a universal truth, kids do the craziest things—all of the time. Not only that but when you ask them why they thought that putting cheese between their toes was a good idea, they’ll just shrug and say, “I don’t know.”

It takes a while before children get old enough to not try everything that crosses their mind. And before that happens, parents make sure they take pictures of their shenanigans. Otherwise, why would people believe they used to trim their nails so that they would look like finger crowns?

Luckily for us, some moms and dads share these “kids make no sense” photos on the Internet too. So sit back, relax (you won’t have to clean up the mess), and enjoy this exclusive compilation of malfunctioning kids by We!

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#1 Pants

These pictures, of course, are meant as light-hearted jokes, but if we were to get serious for a moment, Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D., who is a nationally recognized parent coach, and psychologist, says that parents should really strive to understand their child; it’s an important part of helping them become secure and healthy because it not only shows them you love them but also encourages them to love themself.

To make us see how important feeling understood has been in our own lives, Bernstein provides the following questions: Who most understood your feelings, needs, and desires as you were growing up? How did you feel about the person who understood you the most? Who least understood your feelings, needs, and desires as you were growing up? How did you feel about the person who understood you the least?

#2 We Have 6 Beds And My Kids Still Sleep Like The Grandparents From Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Every Night

“As you’ll probably see by your responses to the above questions, feeling understood provides us with the emotional leverage to do our best to make good choices and do the right thing on a daily basis,” Bernstein concludes. “No child or teen ever complains to me that his or her parents show too much understanding and emotional support.”

#3 My 4-Year-Old Daughter Was Watching Something On Her Tablet That Scared Her. So She Came Back With Protective Headgear

Of course, parents can’t be prepared for everything. Every now and then, kids will behave in a way that completely throws moms and dads off guard. Vicki Broadbent, a mom, TV Broadcaster, founder of HonestMum.com, and author of The Working Mom: Your Guide To Surviving and Thriving At Work and At Home, thinks the key in these situations is to respond, and not react to your child. “It can be hard when they’re having a meltdown publicly for example but it’s a learned behavior you can practice and achieve,” she told We.

“I’ve learned, two kids later, to take a few deep breaths, take 5, so my response is usually a calm one. In time, if you behave that way consistently, your child will mirror you so tantrums become more infrequent, and shorter when they arise,” Broadbent described her course of action. “I’ve been teaching my children (ages 11 and 8) how to take deep breaths, encouraging them to self-soothe when they feel anxious or worried.”

#4 This Is How My Son Was Sleeping. He May Be Immortal

“Ultimately, children, like us, want to be listened to [and] vent as we do, they will experience bad, challenging days and will feel frustrated and upset by them. Your kids want to know that your love is unconditional and that they are emotionally safe with you. Your job is to prove that to them every day,” Broadbent explained.

However, if you do have concerns over your child’s behavior and if they are consistently doing something out of the ordinary, have speech delays, are crying for long periods of time, or appear in pain, the Honest Mum thinks you just need to speak to your doctor and investigate.

“Many behaviors that might seem odd to you are simply formative milestones (children having fun, exploring the world around them) but if you’re worried, seek help as your child could be unwell, have learning difficulties, etc. Trust your parental gut instinct, it won’t let you down.”

#5 Why Go To Playground, When You Can Have Your Own Personal Customized Brother-Swing

#6 Imagination Level 100. My 2-Year-Old Daughter Drew A Pillow With Chalk, Then Laid Down For A Nap

#7 Lost My Kid In Target. Found Him Here

#8 Asked My Sister If My Nephew Was Enjoying The Wedding. This Is The Picture She Sent Back

#9 Daughter Wanted A Barbie Centaur. Introducing Barbitaur

#10 To Avoid Perpetuating Gender Stereotypes, I Gave My Daughter A Mix Of Dolls And Toy Cars To Play With. This Is What Happened

#11 Walked In On My Son Watching TV Like This. Freaked Me Out For A Second

#12 This Is How My 2.5-Year-Old Niece Insists On Holding Her New Baby Brother

#13 “He’s Upset His Gloves Match His Jacket”

#14 I Was An Interesting Child

#15 Ah, Siblings

#16 My Daughter Now Has A Special Book, Carries It Around Everywhere And Uses It For Everything. It Is The Official Mr. Boston Guide To Bartending And Drink Mixing

#17 My Son Didn’t Want To Be A Tiger Or A Superhero, He Wanted To Be A Traffic Light

#18 My Mom Said This Was One Of My Favorite Things To Do As A Child

#19 My 2-Year-Old Cousin Is Genuinely In Love With Her Skeleton

#20 Hmm, That’s A Worry

#21 My Son Is Starting His Summer Off Right

#22 Not Sure If I Should Be Proud Or Concerned. My Daughter Said “He’s Got The Rona!” And Started Making Him A Coffin

#23 He Looks Comfortable

#24 My Daughter Always Steals Printer Paper To Draw On So For Christmas I Wrapped A Pack Of 500 Pages Of Paper. She Started Running Around Screaming With Excitement

#25 She Was Screaming For Me To Keep Putting More In Her Shirt

#26 Trying On Clothes With A Toddler In A Nutshell

#27 My Two Kids Sitting Next To The Brand-New Couch My Wife Ordered Them

#28 My 3.5-Year-Old Niece Thinks She’s A Ninja

#29 Pool vs. Paint Bucket

#30 Went To Check On My Daughter

#31 Turn Your Back For 30 Seconds

#32 My Brother Has Discovered That His Swim Shirt Holds Air

#33 My Kid Sleeps Like He Fell Down In Family Guy

#34 Introducing My Middle Child (Please Note The 3 Other Children Playing Normally In The Distance). She Found A Dead Squirrel And Was Super Excited

#35 Instead Of Just Letting Us Know Verbally She Woke Up From Her Nap, Or Opening Up The Cracked Door, She Thought She Needed To Wave At Us From Under The Door Until She Got Our Attention

#36 It Was Too Quiet Upstairs. This Is How We Found Her

#37 Honest Card

#38 My Daughter Thinks The Closet Looks Less Creepy At Night Like This. That Makes One Of Us

#39 My Son Watching TV This Morning

#40 Found This While Looking Through Old Pics. I Was A Weird Kid

#41 We Caught My Girlfriend’s Niece Doing This At The Mall

#42 Little Cousin’s Prompt Was, “What Place Do You Want To Go And Visit? It Can Be Anywhere In The World”

#43 My Friend Is Potty Training Her Kid. This Is How She Poops When She’s Cold

#44 I Was Going Through An Old Family Photo Album, I Found A Picture Of Me When I Was 9

#45 Checked On My Daughter To See How School Was Going. Now Waiting For The Teachers Email. What’s With The Bat?

#46 Spider-Men Sleepover

#47 Took My Daughter Out For A Nice Dinner

#48 No, You’re Not Dead, Mickey Is

#49 Wife And I Went Out One Night And Came Home To My Son Sleeping Like This

#50 Was Looking Through My Fourth Grade Yearbook And Found This