42 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts And Cards By People With An Unconventional Definition Of Romance

Not all of us take Valentine’s Day romantic gifts and love letters seriously, which is awesome because nothing is sexier than a great sense of humor.

So rather than the dull, unimaginative and totally standard flowers, chocolates, and a dinner for two, these people made it a much more memorable experience with nerdy Valentine’s and having some well-deserved fun with it!

Compiled into a list by We, what we have here are some of the best, most creative and downright funniest examples of Valentine’s gifts, love notes, and general fun. These gift ideas reveal much more about a couple and their relationship than the stereotypical crap the shops want you to buy, and they are all the sweeter for it.

Scroll down to check out the list below, and don’t forget to vote for the best gift ideas!

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#1 I’m New To Having An So On Valentine’s Day… Am I Doing This Right?

#2 Unbreakable Love

#4 Girlfriend Called Dominos To Send Me A Surprise Heart-Shape Valentine’s Day Pizza While I’m On A Business Trip

#5 Found A Pretty Sweet Valentine’s Day Card For The Husband

#6 My Girlfriend Gave Me This Chocolaty Fun-Sized Valentine. Candy Sex Puns Best Puns

#7 Prepared A Teddy Bear Gift Yesterday For My GF, And Now It Looks Like This

#8 Dad Bought My Mum Asparagus For Valentines Day Thinkin’ They Were Daffodils. Nope, I Am Done

#9 My Husband’s Going To Love His Valentines Day Surprise

#10 My Valentine’s Card Search For This Year Is Over

#11 When Your Girlfriend Gets You A Valentine’s Day Gift

#12 Sister Made This For Her Boyfriend. It’s A “Bro”Quet

#13 Shattering Dreams… One V-Day Coupon At A Time

#14 Valentines Day Card From A Student

#15 Valentine Gift From My Dad

#16 My Friend Makes Greetings Cards. I Asked Her To Make Me A Valentine For My GF To Let Her Know Exactly How I Feel. She Sent Me This

#17 I Bought My Wife A Dozen Roses For Valentine’s Day, She Was Not Impressed

#18 Any Plan For V-Day Yet?

#19 I Hope My Wife Likes Her Valentine’s Day Card

#20 The Card My Biochemistry Majoring Boyfriend Gave Me For Valentine’s Day

#21 Best Valentine Ever

#22 My Friend Made This For Her Husband

#23 My Roommate Made Breaking Bad Valentine’s Cards

#24 Boyfriend And I Got The Same Valentines Day Car For Each Other. The Inside Couldn’t Be More Different Though

#25 A Valentine’s Package I Mailed To A Customer

#26 Get Your Wife An 18 Carrot Necklace For V Day Next Year

#27 Finally Picked Out My Valentines Day Card

#28 I Made This For My Wife. After Nearly 20 Years Valentines Are Hard

#29 Girlfriend Made Me A Vday Card

#30 She’s A Keeper

#31 Was Looking For A Valentine’s Day Card. Found The Perfect Card That Expressed My True Emotions

#32 My Fiancee Got Me An Early V Day Gift Representing Our “Strong And Dependable Relationship”

#33 The Clever Valentine’s Day Gift I Received From My Wife

#34 My Wife’s Valentine’s Gift Just Arrived

#35 Valentine I Made My SO

#36 My Husband Gave Me An Early Valentine Gift

#37 My 5 Year Old Received This Valentine Today At School

#38 This Is What I Got For Valentines

#39 Made My Husband A Geeky Valentines Card (Top) And This Was His Response. He’s A Keeper

#40 My Girlfriend Just Gave This To Me


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#41 Wife And I Are Saving For A Home, So Gifts Are Off The Table This Year. But I Still Wanted To Surprise Her And Show Her Love Her For Valentine’s Day


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#42 He Must Truly Love Her