30 Funny Minimalist Comics Without Dialogue By Karlo Ferdon

Short and humorous comics are a quick and easy way to take your mind off of day-to-day reality. Chilean cartoonist Karlo Ferdon is spot-on in this category with his simple and minimalist comics that can bring a smile to your face. In his imaginative world, Ferdon draws people, animals, everyday objects, or foods caught up in random and witty situations.

By using little to no words in his comics, Ferdon offers a fresh and creative look at the world around us and creates ridiculous and fun jokes and puns that are unexpected, yet make perfect sense. Feet cracking up over a stand-up feather, the real appearance of the unfortunate pinky toe that has seen some stuff, iron-mum getting mad at a wrinkly iron-child, a remote playing hide and seek with a TV, and many more creative ideas below!

When you are done with these, check out more hilarious comics by Ferdon about the everyday life of superheroes when they are not saving the world, and it’s not that glamorous.

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Ferdon brings everyday and inanimate objects to life in quirky and impossible situations, but he also uses his minimalist comics as social commentary with a fun and often sarcastic twist. His cleverly drawn illustrations often hide a deeper meaning about inequality, politics, social media overuse and its effects, or environmental issues. See if you can spot the hidden message in these comics! However, for Ferdon, creating comics ultimately means having “the power of making people laugh.”



The artist has previously said that he loves how simple and direct the humor is in cartoons. His raw and minimalist approach has attracted 16.4k followers on Instagram and 65k Twitter users. Ferdon also revealed to We that humor without words is a way of connecting with his audience, although it might take a while to understand. It’s also a great way of making his art accessible beyond borders and languages.




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