This Online Group Is Where People Share Badass Stuff That They Didn’t Know Even Existed (50 Pics)

Life’s got more surprises waiting for you than you can shake a stick at. We’re talking about the pleasant kind, too, not just the ‘surprise, aliens are building monoliths on Earth and we’ll have a full-scale invasion in the last days of 2020’ kind.

The ‘Didn’t Know I Wanted That’ community on Reddit seems to absolutely adore surprises. That’s why the nearly 768k-strong subreddit is documenting all the cool, strange, and intriguing things that the world has to offer that will make you say, “I didn’t know I wanted that.”

Check out some of their best posts below and, as you’re scrolling down, give the pics you liked the most an upvote. Be sure to let us know which of these things you never knew you wanted and why! And read on for We’s interview with one of the moderators taking care of the subreddit.

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#1 I Want And You Do Too

#2 These Lines Go Up The Wall So You Can Park Perfectly In-Between The Lines

Moderator Stuffed02 from r/DidntKnowIWantedThat told We all about how their community first got started on Reddit. “DidntKnowIWantedThat got started when someone made a post on a big subreddit and people started commenting quite literally our future name,” they said.

They told us that their subreddit is very open, as long as people follow some basic rules. “We allow all kinds of unusual products that you only realize the need for once you see it. Our only main rule issue is people trying to advertise their products. My message for them is: don’t. We always catch it. Other than that, there aren’t any major rule paradigms we have to deal with.”

Mod Stuffed02 also opened up about what the year’s been like for the subreddit. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been as bad as you might think. “2020 has actually been a fun year for a lot of us on our team. Having to spend more time online means we get to see more products and be more dedicated to our users.”

Meanwhile, another moderator, Metastasis_d pitched in and told us that the subreddit was started by “a spammer who wanted to use the subreddit to advertise products,” however, the community outlasted them.

#4 Soy Sauce Dishes That “Reveal” A Painting Once You Fill Them Up

#5 This Remote Has A Headphone Plug In It To Listen To TV Quietly

#6 This Skull Shaped Charcoal Takes BBQ To The Next Level

For the past year and a half, the r/DidntKnowIWantedThat subreddit has been a testament to out-of-the-box thinking and just how creative humankind can get when it really wants to. We’ve had our minds blown since the first time we visited the subreddit and we keep getting surprised each time.

The community is also very inspiring for anyone who needs new ideas for their projects or business ventures. There’s nothing like seeing something weird but wonderful to shake things up when you’re deep inside a creative hole and need a leg-up to climb out.

The subreddit also raises an interesting question: why do we want a particular product (and does it have to have a gimmick to make us want it)? According to the National Association of Sales Professionals, it’s all tied to our emotions.

#7 This TV Show Idea

#8 Didn’t Know I Wanted Squid Kite

#9 A Maga Hat But With An Actual Statement

The NASP explains that people buy products based on their emotional needs or wants, and then justify their purchase logically later on. In other words, we make our decisions based on how we feel and later sprinkle some logical reasoning on top to make it look rational.

So selling products becomes less about appealing to ‘perfect,’ rationally thinking, economic consumers and more about seeing what their hearts truly want. Which is far tougher and way easier to do all at once, ironically.

#10 Steamer Boat Lid

#11 This Giant Family Tent Has Private Bedroom Compartments And A Full Living Area!

#12 Need This Now

On the one hand, getting to grips with emotional reasons for why people buy something is far more slippery and less concrete. On the other hand, we’re all people and we have full access to our own emotions and how we react to products.

As cheesy as it sounds, in order to sell your product, you first have to get to know yourself, the problems you need fixed, and how this relates to your inner emotional world. That’s how you create something that others didn’t know they wanted until they saw it and everything just clicked into place.

#13 Mr. Bean Cut Out

#14 This Window

#15 A Self-Standing Over-Sink Dishes Rack

#16 People, This Is A Lamp!

#17 This Fire Pit Though

#18 A Rocking Chair For You And Your Kids

#19 Bunk Bed With Stairs

#20 This Key

#21 Giant Crocheted Snorlax

#22 Gift Card

#23 F**k Em Sand Castles, I Want To Make Sand Skeletons

#24 A Built-In Watering Hole For Your Pets

#25 An Atlas Of Every Color Imaginable

#26 This Sub Was My First Thought When As I Saw This

#27 Floor Lamp

#28 These Knee Pads With Wheels

#29 So Badly

#30 Maybe A Friend Of Mine Need Them

#31 How To Keep All The Cookies To Yourself

#32 Didn’t Know I Wanted That Stone!

#33 Clothing Rack For All Your Clothing Needs

#34 Very Cool Design For Siblings Sharing A Room

#35 I Added A Cat Walk To My Living Room For My 3 Floofs

#36 Hönk

#37 Shark Socks

#38 This Chair Desk Everything Thingy

#39 Reusable Grocery List

#40 Battle Slippers

#41 This 30″ Wood-Burning Death Star Fire Pit

#42 I Need This

#43 Not Just A Doormat I Want, A Doormat I Need

#44 I Don’t Even Like Nightlights, But I’d Love To Have This

#45 Reflection Of The Dvd Case Is Part Of The Design. Damn

#46 Moss Garden Coffee Table

#47 3-D Printed Faucet…

#48 Blob Seal Pillow

#49 This Bear Glass

#50 Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy This?