Zoo Electrician Spent One Working Day with a Gang of Meerkats

Meerkats are the cutest creatures in the animal kingdom. Your experience with them might be in the movies only, like “Lion King” or “Madagascar” or the TV show “Meerkat Manor.”

These minuscule burrowing critters are mostly found in the southern part of Africa. They have long legs, big heads, long legs, large eyes, and pointed snouts. They grow to be 9-14 inches long and weigh between 1-2.5 pounds. They are eternally curious animals that like to put their snouts where they don’t belong.

Their curious nature became evident one day when they approached an electrician in a zoo and proceeded to rummage through his tools. He was more pleased than irritated and immediately took pictures. His daughter Lucy found out and posted them on Twitter.

“Meerkats are naturally super curious, so they just went up to explore while he was working!” Lucy exclaimed.

Her meerkat-related Tweet became viral, got 160,000 likes, and 30,000 retweets.

A furry meerkat is trying to help with the electrical duties.

Image credits: @doodlingglass

Image credits: @doodlingglass

Image credits: @doodlingglass

The gang is rummaging through his tool kit.

Image credits: @doodlingglass

Image credits: @doodlingglass

Meerkat mommy and offspring in their natural habitat.

Image credits: @doodlingglass

Internet reactions:

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David thinks they’re robbers.

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Anne thinks they’re cute.

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Victor compares confrontation to a movie.

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He speaks for the meerkats.

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Aislinn likes his job.

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