Environmentally Friendly Mural is Cleaning Up the Smog-Filled Air in Warsaw

Pollution is becoming worse in big cities and is threatening the lives of its citizens. Governments around the world are looking for ways to combat this menace to society, and not many are successful in their efforts.

Poland seems to have found a solution that is both incredibly inventive and helpful to the environment. Their government has found a way to help the citizens breathe fresher air. They did it by hiring two talented artists, a special kind of paint, and the drive to make Poland a better place to live in.

This whole venture was the brainchild of Converse, the sportswear company, along with the city of Warsaw.

The mural is located in the busy streets of Politechnika. It was designed by Dawid Ryski and Maciek Polak, with the coordination of Good Looking Studio, which is a local artistic company.

The mural does the task of cleaning the smog that 720 trees do. Photocatalytic paint with titanium dioxide is used, which attracts pollutants from the air and converts them into nitrates that are harmless to people.
Look up and be amazed:

More info: Converse City Forests

h/t: My Modern Met

The gigantic Warsaw mural is a sight to behold.

Image credits: conversecityforests

Image credits: goodlooking

Image credits: goodlooking

The Polish artist, hard at work.

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Image credits: goodlooking

She paints a happy sun.

Image credits: goodlooking

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