Cat has been Lost for Two Years and was Found and Looked After by a Security Guard 60 Miles Away

Ruby, the eternally curious black cat, went missing from her owner in April 2018. The owner’s house was close to a truck stop in Brogborough, United Kingdom, and he surmised that Ruby might have climbed in one of the trucks as it left.

Meanwhile, 60 miles and two years later, Ruby has been taken care of by a kindly security guard in Coventry. One day he decided to bring his new feline pal to a cat welfare charity organization called Cats Protection to be examined. The volunteers scanned her microchip and found out she was registered to her owner that lives 60 miles away in Bedfordshire!

They got the owner’s details from the chip and contacted him. The owner first thought it was a hoax because Ruby had been missing for two years. However, he was overjoyed and drove straight away to Coventry to be reunited with Ruby.

“No words can describe the happiness I’m feeling right now. I had little hope of finding her after nearly three years, but now she’s home safe and sound,” the owner said.

More info: Facebook | Cats Protection

Ruby survived on her own for two years.

Image credits: Coventry Cats Protection

Image credits: Coventry Cats Protection

Ruby and the owner are reunited.

Image credits: Coventry Cats Protection

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