Anime Creator Dad Reimagines his Sons’ Drawings into Fantastical Cartoon Characters

Thomas Romain is a French artist who is now based in Tokyo, Japan, and works as an animation creator. He currently works with well-known titles like Space Dandy, Symphogear, and Basquash.

He created the Fathers and Sons Design Workshop, wherein he encourages his kids to draw, which he recreates in a professional animation setting. As you can see, the monsters are a mishmash of different mythological concepts and transmuted into fanciful characters, monsters, and beasts. You can see the fertile imagination of the children, which the dad needs to fuel his creative imagination.

Here is how Thomas describes himself on Instagram: “I’m an animation creator living in Tokyo. I love my sons and their drawings. Check out our YouTube channel too!” You can search for the Romain family on their numerous social media platforms.

Check out Thomas’ and sons’ fantastic illustrations:

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#1  Some kind of tree deity is bleeding from the stomach.


#3  A blue wormy fishlike creature is happily flying in the clouds.


#5  It is a powerful four-eyed armored monster.



#8  It is a gigantic shiny creature that has drills for arms.


#10  It is a three-eyed evil wizard that is stabbed in the head.


#12  It is a mighty woodsman with large horns decorated on his head, carrying an ax with a face.