Spy Camera Technology has Become More Advanced that Many People Are Posting About It

The issue of privacy has become more important in today’s time when technology is climbing at a rapid pace. People should be aware of this to be secure from it. No one wants their picture taken or have a recording of them without permission.

A global tech PR expert and editor of Abstract Stylist named Lina Survila shared some tips in avoiding spy cams: “You may find may free apps that help you find hidden cameras, but when installing them, be careful not to give unnecessary permissions, which might lead to exposing all your information to a third party.”

She also said that some spy cams are integrated into ordinary objects like frames, outlets, lamps, etc.

The best way to fight this is to learn what you can to keep you safe from evildoers.

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#1 Be prepared while renting an Airbnb.



#4 A hidden cam disguised as a motion detector.



#7 A camera found in a woman’s toilet is creepy.



#10 An Airbnb stay will horrify you because of the many hidden cameras.



#13 A spy cam is masquerading as a sprinkler.



#16  Much creepy stuff happens in Airbnb.



#19 Spy camera within a shampoo.


#21 Flash drives are sometimes unsafe.


#23 Electrical outlets are hiding something inside.