Former Ballerina Who has Alzheimer’s Recalls her Swan Lake Dance Routine

Marta C. Gonzalez was a former prima ballerina in New York City, which is a really big deal. At the height of her fame, she performed as the lead in Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” circa 1967.

Now, she is old, wheelchair-bound, and has Alzheimer’s disease, which renders her with severe memory loss. Yet she still remembers the good ole days when she hears Tchaikovsky’s well-known tune and dances the upper-body choreography, as evidenced in the viral video.

With the earphones on, she gracefully moves her arms the same way as she did in the archival footage in her 1967 Swan Lake performance.

One Twitterer commented: “This brought tears to my eyes. The power of music and how it provokes memories.”

Sadly, she recently kicked the bucket but left behind a beautiful memory of her for everyone to experience.

Rest in peace, Marta.

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Marta is listening to the familiar tune and begins to tap her fingers in recognition.

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The touching video of Marta performing the dance routine.

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Image credits: Música para Despertar

Marta is preparing to fly towards the heavens to meet her maker.

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Image credits: Música para Despertar

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MazMairi also studied ballet and expresses the same love as Marta showed.

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Oz is touched by what happened.

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OJC expresses the importance of art.

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Dusty has worked with dementia patients.

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