Man Carves Out an Awesome Portrait of His Pet Pomeranian Sophie on a Halloween Pumpkin

This unrevealed man recently posted pictures on the internet of his pet Pomeranian, carved on a pumpkin. It seems that he has been doing it for a while and makes a tradition out of it. He mentions that Halloween is his favorite holiday and always looks forward to it every year.

Here is some information about his pumpkin-carving process:

· He prefers to carve real pumpkins, not synthetic foam ones.
· His primary carving tool is an X-Acto knife, which can carve the smallest detail.
· It takes 8 to 20 hours to carve a particular design.
· He uses a CFL bulb with a cord to light the pumpkin.

Since he started many years ago, he usually likes to carve out superheroes like Iron Man or Batman. This year he opted to have his pet dog as an inspiration for the design.

Here are the viral pics of the cute dog carved on a pumpkin:

Sophie is looking confused, and the pumpkin with its menacing glow.

The picture on the pumpkin has taken shape.

The video of the pumpkin carving process, from start to finish.

The guy is a fan of comic books. This one has Wolverine’s clawed hand as the main feature.

An awesome-looking Transformers design.

Batman on a pumpkin.

An excellent Spider-man creation.