The Origins Of 30 Top Cat Breeds

Cats may not be dubbed man’s best friend, but they are close. Before YouTube and the internet, cute cat videos were created. For instance, Thomas Edison made a video of two kittens boxing in a ring.

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In a survey investigating the domestication of cats, cat genes showed that they could have domesticated us. Ancient domestic cats were found in southwest Asia, all the way to Europe around 4400 B.C. They became close to the farming communities in the Fertile Crescent approximately 8000 years ago.

Domesticated and wild cats did not show distinct variations in their genetics. One difference is the marks found on a tabby cat that was spotted on domestic cats from the Middle Ages.

They were associated with domestic cats in the 18th Century. New cat breeds started getting created during the 19th Century.
Evolutionary geneticist Eva-Maria Geigl told National Geographic that the selection process was uncalled for. The top cat breeds were shared on OMG Meow, a Facebook page.

The breeds include the Siberian cat, the Bombay cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Ragdoll, the Himalayan, the Rusian Blue, the Bengal cat, the Maine Coon, the British Long Hair, the Turkish Angora, the Siamese, the Birman, the Egyptian Mau, the Somali, the British Shorthair, just to mentions a few.