Black Cats Do Not Carry bad Luck With Them As Seen In These Adorable 40 Pics

Some associate black felines with ill luck. In the Middle Ages, many were thought to have close associations with witchcraft and black magic. They were killed in much the same way as the witches in 17th Century Massachusetts and in 13th Century Europe. They got killed. They still symbolize the mystical in modern times and are always included in Halloween dress-ups.

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Still, from the middle ages, black cats and other animals having black and dark hues were associated with death and bad luck. In the 16th Century, if a black cat lay down on a sick person’s bed, it was believed that ‘Death’ had paid them a visit.

Some people in these modern days believe that when you see a black cat cross your path, you will be in for bad luck. In the same way, if it is a white cat, prepare for good fortune to come your way.

Different cultures associate the black cat with different things. In ancient Egypt, they believed brought good luck, boosted fertility, and protected from diseases.

In Japan, the same was associated with luck in your love life. If it appears in your doorway or on your porch, you will get rich soon.

In France, it was associated with a magical occurrence. Superstitions are just that. All pets and animals are beautiful, no matter the color.