Unpaid Internships Are Soon To Be Nicked By The EU So People May Be Esteemed For Their Work

As more and more young people get out of high schools, colleges and universities they find cruel job requirements. Most of them need people who have years of work experience.

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This forces them to apply for internships, and most are unpaid. This is unfair. To get rid of this problem, the European Parliament wants to pass a law banning unpaid internships in the EU states.

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With the state of unemployment worsened by the coronavirus pandemic, the Youth Guarantee schemes are urged to pay fair remuneration, internship offers, apprenticeship, and job training to those who enroll in the member states.

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The resolution points out that unpaid internship exploits and violates the rights of young people.

David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, told the media that it was time unpaid internship was completely done away with.

They have already made the practice illegal In the European Parliament as they lead by example, Brando Benifei of MEP further informed the media.

The European Youth Forum (EYF) supports the move. The EU lawmakers require more funding to be directed to the Youth Guarantee scheme (2021-2027). The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is advocating for legal protection against exploitation for the young people, as voiced by their confederal secretary, Ludovic Voet.