36 Historical Facts That Will Distort How You Perceive Time

In our minds, we always view history as what happened long ago, and we see ourselves as living in modern times. Most people don’t live to be one hundred years old. So we cannot figure out how that would look like.

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Sometimes, history can shock us out of our simple logic when facts contrary to our beliefs present themselves. They appear to be coincidences that will fascinate you and leave you questioning the way you view time.

John Tyler was the tenth US president. He was born in 1790. Two of his grandchildren are still alive.

This information without supporting statements could baffle you beyond human reasoning. John Tyler’s son Lyon was born in 1853 when he was 63.

Lyon’s son, Lyon Junior, was born when he was 71, in 1924. Harrison, his second son, was born when he was 75, in 1928. Both these sons, who are John Tyler’s grandchildren, are still alive.

It is mind-blowing telling someone in real-time that your grandfather was eight when the civil war began.

Another fascinating coincidence is Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe being born in the same year and them meeting when they were thirty at a movie premiere in October 1956, in London.