Masayoshi Matsumoto From Japan Creates 30 Intricately-Made Incredible Balloon Sculptures

Masayoshi Matsumoto has been perfecting the craft of balloon sculptures for ten years now. The only material he uses is a balloon. He doesn’t use adhesives or marker pens, the 29-year-old points out.

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He stands out for his agility in the craft with the material he uses. The details in his projects, like the spikes and limbs, make the products the work of an expert.

He has sculpted pesky insects, like the dobsonfly, diving beetle, cuckoo wasp, assassin fly, bee, scarab, and jewel beetle, graceful birds like the Japanese paradise flycatcher, horned puffin, and the flamingo, and majestic mammals like the American bison and the walrus. The details on the exoskeletons of the insects are impressive.

He includes sea creatures of all kinds too, like the blobfish, and colossal squid. He has also done smaller animals like the ermine, poodle, pygmy jaboa, and pangolin. These are some of what he has produced.

He also includes plant sculptures. He has done morel mushrooms and cacti. He also brought out fungi.

His fascination with nature is what drives him. His interest goes back to when he was young.

He does careful planning and designing before taking two to five hours to blow and twist the balloons. He never works out of spontaneity.