Mans Gets To Work Cleaning Tombstones Of Forgotten Veterans On His Day Off

The memory of war veterans is kept alive through charity funds and ceremonies. But the tombstones of their final resting places are most of the time not cared for.

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Andrew Lumish, from Florida, took it upon himself to clean up the tombstones. The stories of their lives are getting uncovered.
Andrew’s handle is The Good Cemeterian. He operates a business that provides cleaning services for carpets and upholstery in Tampa. Sunday is his day off. That is when he devotes his time to clean the veteran gravesites in the vicinity.

First, he uses water to wash the stones. Then, he uses a D/2 spray on them and scrubs the layers of dirt with a brush made of soft bristles. The chemicals in the solution are safe for the environment.

When he gets through cleaning them, the tombstones are to their original color, and the writings are more visible. Some date as far back as the early 1900s.

He posts photos of how the tombstones looked before and how they look right now. He also includes details he gathers from the research of the people who were laid to rest in those graves. His services are purely voluntary.

There are photos and a video of him cleaning the tombstones. There are displays of his work.