50 Funny Edits Created By An Artist Of Personalities Being In Misplaced Situations

This artist is all about funny edits. If you are wondering how it would look like if The Joker and Ace Ventura appeared in the same movie, this artist has got you. If you cannot imagine Vincent Vega and Deadpool in the same team, this Hungarian artist will make it possible for you.

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The artist from Hungary goes by Pixelfaker. What he does is he takes characters that are familiar to us, then places them in TV shows and movies where they do not belong.

His inspiration stems from his longing to see how the characters come out when they are where they do not belong. According to him, it takes skill and knowledge for the edits to come alive.

Pixelfaker is a freelance graphics artist. That is where he started doing the hilarious edits. Reading books and being creative is his favorite pass time.

He wants to remain a mystery, and so he does not divulge any more details on his life. He also did not share the process he went through to create the edits.

With art, he likes it when there is a flow of ideas. He refers to that as ‘wings of fantasy.’ The downside to art is when creativity stops. Pixel plans on evolving his work and exploring other universes.