Settle Down And Get Ready To Laugh At 15 New Comics Featuring The Adorable Duo Pixie And Brutus

The adorable duo is back in fresh comics. The internet cannot seem to get enough of them. And we know why.

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Ben Hed came up with the comic. It features Pixie, an adorable little kitty, and a soldier dog. They are friends. It is the contrasting characters of the comic strip that make it appealing.

Ben’s Instagram, dubbed “Pet Foolery,” has over 2.4M followers. He has another project where he has reimagined and drawn animals from famous photos he spotted online.

In a recent interview with Ben Hed, he said that not a lot has changed in the comic series. He has touched up the designs, and in some of the comics, he has made Pixie look older.

As he has always worked from home, he was not affected where his work is concerned.

Ben has appealing ideas on comics featuring humans only. However, his main focus is on maintaining consistency with the animal-themed comics.

He maintains that it is not easy for him to create new jokes and ideas on a continuing story of recurring characters. Previously, Ben suggested that artists should not be afraid to comb out new avenues when creativity goes down. His best comics so far have been born of deviations from his usual style.