30 Pieces Of Stunning Pies Created By A Self-Taught Baker Suitable For Any Thanksgiving Table

Helen Nugent is a self-taught baker. She identifies herself as a “messy kitchen maker.” She credits her mum for her baking skills.

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Before she went into baking pies, she was in corporate communications. She saw decorative pies on Pinterest and sort how to make them. After much practice, she became good at it and developed her style.

As she felt ready for a career shift, she started working for Food Network, then she got a book offer, and her new career began. The book is Pie Style. It has instructions on how to make the decorations.

She also has a blog, and through her Instagram, she shares her baking recipes and secrets. Nugent is all about enjoying the experience.
Her secret is starting with an all-butter crust. It should have a firm filling.

She advises using a food processor for making pie dough. For Thanksgiving, she prefers sticking to pumpkin pies. As for the ideas for her pimped designs, she says she gets them from everything around her.

She encourages those interested to always look around them. She continues to say that if one feels that they are an amateur, they should start with simple decorations and make more intricate designs when they get better at it.