40 Pictures Of A Wild Loyal Fox To The Man Who Rescued Him From A Fur Farm

Woody is a fox owned by Yaroslav. He was being reared for his fur when Yaroslav showed up on that fur farm in 2015. In Russia, there are places where the keeping of a fur farm is against the law.

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When Yaroslav saw the fox, he asked the owners of the farm to give him to him. They agreed to it as long as he paid the same amount of money they could have earned from selling his fur.

He bought him. However, Woody avoided people in the first few days. About a week later, Yaroslav had developed a way of communicating with him. Their friendship began.

The fox stayed within the home for the first month because of the quarantine. When a kennel was built for him outside, he kept burrowing into tunnels and getting out of the kennel. Yaroslav had to teach him that he could not survive in the wild.

He has now adapted to his new life. He enjoys eating persimmon most. Other foods he eats are vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, and meat.

Yaroslav does not find it easy handling a fox. He equates the experience to a disobedient cat and dog at a go. The internet thanked him for giving the fox home.