People Shame Trolls Who Call A Photo Of Biden And His Son Creepy By Sharing Similar Photos

Father-son love is unique. Something beautiful to watch or see. No troll can take it away.

Recently, Joe Biden, the former vice-president of the USA, was seen in a photo hugging and giving Hunter, his son, a kiss on the cheek. John Cardillo, a TV host, and right-wing commentator called the affectionate display ‘creepy.’

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The writer of ‘For the Love of Men: From Toxic to a More Mindful Representation,’ Liz Plank, who is also a journalist, reached out to men on Twitter requesting them to share pictures where their fathers are holding them.

Many of them responded by posting lovely photos of being in their fathers’ arms. Sons and fathers equally shared photos in an embrace or one or the other receiving a kiss.

The Lincoln Project senior adviser Tom Nichols said that the display of Biden’s son, who is 50, and his 77-year-old dad, may appear awkward, but it is touching.

The display was all about forgiveness, love, and acceptance. It is about a father who stood by his son till he overcame his struggles.

Nichols thought Cardillo’s reaction could be a display of his insecurities. His sense of masculinity is misplaced. He reacted immaturely. He seemed to be boyish, as an essential part of manhood is accepting a father’s embrace.