44 People Who Showed Up Dressed For Halloween When Everyone Else Decided Not To

The Halloween celebrations saw several people drawing attention to themselves whether they liked to or not.

These are the ones who showed up in workplaces and sometimes classes and parties in outstanding Halloween outfits, with the rest of them dressed regularly.

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People do not like standing out because of poppy syndrome. The term came from military terminology used by the Romans. A tall poppy referred to an individual who towered over everyone else.

People relish the downfall of a tall poppy if they think he or she deserved to come down or the self-esteem of the observer is low. Norman Feather, a professor of psychology at Australia’s Flinders University, said it involves resentment and envy.

According to the professor’s research, the people standing out in Halloween costumes are not tall poppies as their intention was never to stand out. When people stand out, it makes them a subject of ostracism.

Papa_Skittles says he enjoys Halloween because it is the day of the year when they get to dress as they like. So when they all agreed to come dressed up like smurfs to work on a Thursday, and the boss as Gargamel, though it wasn’t Halloween, he showed up all blue. He did not regret it even when he was the only one who did.