Overdone Halloween Decorations Gets Cops Called On 16 People

Halloween started with the Samhain Celtic festival that happened about 2000 years ago. The Celts occupied northern France, the UK, and present Ireland. Their new year was on 1 November.

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It showed the end of harvesting and summer and the start of the cold dark winter. They associated the season with death as they believed the worlds of the dead and the living merged.

Bonfires were considered sacred were built by the priests. There, they sacrificed animals and crops to their gods. They put on costumes of animal skins and heads and practiced fortune-telling.

Some people are devoted to making the occasion as spooky as possible. These sixteen people did such a good job that they got cops called on them.

Steven Novak from Texas is on this list. There were several dummies in bloodied like displays that spooked the neighbors enough to call the cops.

The cops visited his house severally throughout the day. They thought he nailed it, but their job required them to show up. Novak’s displays are very close depictions of that ancient gory tradition.