32 Displays Of Traditional Outfits Adorned By Contestants Contending For Miss Mexico 2020 Title

Traditional clothes will always be fashionable. Miss Mexico contestants for 2020 were breath-taking as they rocked traditional outfits made by professional designers. The photographers did an excellent job of capturing them at the right angles.

Out of 32 contestants, people chose six who moved to the next stage. The Grand Finale of the contest will be on 31st October.

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The designers who made the regional costumes will retain them. The panel consisted of foreign judges. Mexican traditional outfits have both European and native elements.

The fibers are agave, bark, and cotton adapted from pre-Hispanic civilizations by natives from Mexico. They also used silk and wool that the Spanish introduced later.

The majority of observers believed that the tall hat with the wide brim designed as a shield from excessive sun exposure was the best piece. Dubbed the sombrero, many wear it. In the beginning, the mariachis and cowboys (vaqueros) are the ones who were supposed to wear them.

The outfits were well-designed. A good number of them spotted feathers. Overall, they were intricately decorated. The designs were also quite sophisticated.

The models were well-poised. They all looked elegant and beautiful. It was all-inclusive, with a representation of women of color.