Viral Twitter Threat about a Woman’s Tattoo that People Thought was Mike from Monster’s Inc. and Others also Share

21-year-old Charley Robertson lives in Leeds, UK. She is a proud owner of a new tattoo, which she displayed on Twitter. The tattoo itself looked cool and especially awesome on her attractive self. It is a design of a frog sitting on a stool, nothing weird about it. However, someone pointed out that it looked a little similar to a beloved character from Monster’s Inc.—Mike Wazowski.
She then Tweeted: “Someone just thought my tattoo was of Mike from Monster’s Inc. what have I done ahahaha.” Along with it was a photo of Mike.

The post was an instant hit and amassed 350k likes and 26k retweets.
The frog was a character from “Over the Garden Wall,” an animated TV series that aired in 2014. It was Charley’s favorite character in the show.
Here is the frog-related tweet that went viral:

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Charley and the frog tattoo. It looked like the singing Mike in the movie’s end credit scene.

She wants to see it if it was or was not Mike.

Mike and Sully probably love it.

Have you heard about laser removal?

A foxy lady has a fox at her back.

That would be weird if it was “daddy.”