Amusing Computer-Related Comic Strips by Talented Illustrator

System32Comics is a series that is based on everything funny about computers. This was created in late October 2018. It is about everyday experiences about people using the computer. But instead of people, computer accessories are made to look and act like people.

“The gaming PC has played a massive role in my life. Not only have I used it for gaming, but got into digital editing as well. It has taught me to edit videos, create animations and other digital art. This got me to a few first places winners in various film and art festivals and eventually led me to create system32comics,” said the strip’s creator.

The creator acknowledges that computer-related humor is a niche topic. However, it often features useful information, like the latest in tech news or about game glitches and tech flops. There are always available things to poke fun of.

Here are the funniest ones:

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The USB is finally satisfied.



He is a virus spreader.



The computer is listening to music.



Some ads will scam you.



Debugging doesn’t kill all the bugs.



Some programs will choose.



A bigger monitor is better.




Windows Defender is the best kind of protection.




An expert installation will cost you an arm and a leg.