Man Shares Funny Medieval Animal Portraits by Painters, Who Have not Seen the Animals They Have Painted

To the common man, Medieval art is a piece of obscure information as Renaissance art. You have heard about it but do not know what it is. You only hear about them in History Channel shows or on Wikipedia. You only know bits and pieces so as not to appear stupid when talking about it with other people.
Daniel Holland has intimate knowledge about Medieval art. He started a Twitter thread that went viral about strange-looking paintings by painters who had no idea of the animals they have painted.
“I’d assume if artists were given descriptions today without seeing animals and asked to paint them the only difference would be technical ability and materials used, they’d likely look just as inaccurate,” Holland said.

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An angry-looking oyster with a hooked beak.



A wolf’s head on a snail’s body.



A leopard that has a scared man’s head.



The painter thinks the croc might be related to a dog.



Where is the owl’s beak?



It looks like a giant aardvark.



It will blow people away with its tornado trunk.



It looks more like a Komodo dragon than a croc.



It is a strange-looking beast that has the head of a cougar and the body of a lizard.