Photographer Takes Pictures of Unrelated People Who Look the Same

Superstition dictates that it is a bad omen if you find your doppelganger. This particular belief doesn’t hold water and makes no sense because seeing your double is a sign that God loves you so much that he makes another one just like you.

Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle agrees with this notion because he has been looking for unrelated look-alikes for a while and photographing them. He finds them on his travels and brings them together for a photoshoot. He is set to publish 200 photos of look-alike couples as a portrait book.

“I found my first subjects simply through people I knew who looked alike. Then the media covered my project, more people came forward to take part,” Francois said.

He has been studying the human face since 1968 when he was still 18 years old.

Here are some of his models:


By dressing the same way, the illusion is complete.

They look related, and everything seems the same.

Even with different hair color, both women still look the same.

Face to face and with the same features.

John Lennon’s body doubles.

One is rugged, and the other is formal.

They both have tired eyes.

Their facial expressions are the same.