Many People Completely Relate to a Dog Calmly Walking Towards a Couch, Carrying a Bowl of Dog Food

The moment that you arrive home, coming from your work is the best feeling in the world. You either take out a can of beer or some leftover food from the fridge, then plop down on the couch, and finally, time to relax. It is the feeling of pure bliss.

Not only humans enjoy this tradition, but dogs as well, one particular dog by the name of Murphy.

Murphy became famous in social media, especially in TikTok. It is the twenty-second video of Murphy the Basset Hound, slowly lumbering on the floor, climbing up the couch, and sitting down to eat. He does that like it is the most normal thing in the world.

It was shared on Twitter and got 140 likes and 30k retweets. “I’m obsessed with this dog bringing his bowl of food with him to snack on the couch,” said the caption of the video on Twitter.

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Murphy has the needs of any human. He sits on the couch and eats in front of the TV.

@audreywaitoprinceJust wanted to eat his dinner and relax! ##murphy♬ original sound – Audrey Waito-Prince

Internet reactions:

He has a dachshund that does the same thing.

A Basset Hound is a great spirit animal.

Liam’s dog is like Murphy as well.

Marcus does the same thing.