1 Minute Black and White Video of a Snowball Fight in 1896 Becomes Colorized and Modernized

Snowball fights are not exclusively for kids only. Adults also partake in this unholy mess of a game. It is fun for a few minutes, but once you get hit in the eyes or ears with a sharp piece of ice, then it is game over. Adios amigos.
People also engaged in snowball fights more than 100 years ago. Louis Lumiere shot an old-school black and white one minute film of a particularly gregarious fight. Then Joaquim Campa, a history and tech hobbyist colorized the film, adjusted the speed, and recorded new music. He posted the video on Twitter and went viral. It currently has 7.3 million views, 18,000 retweets, and 66,000 likes.

He used an AI-based software called “DeOldify ” to colorize the video.

It is a before and after pictures of the start of the snowball fight.

A man riding a bike arrives and gets pummeled with snow.

The man tries to escape, and the people continue with it.

The new and improved colorized video that Joaquim Campa made.

Internet reactions:

Childishness is passed on from generation to generation.

It is a hardcore fight by using such soft weapons.

That was what the biker was thinking.

It is an era where people still had fun without using gadgets.