Main Coon Cats are the Cool Cats on Instagram

If you came here to this article, that means you are a cat person. What is not to love, anyway? They purr daintily, are soft and furry, and love cuddles. They sleep all day and are playful at night, and fit into the tiniest spaces in your home. There are just too many reasons to love cats.

The Main Coon is the official state cat of Maine. They are a natural breed and were known as far back in the 19th century, but nobody knew where they came from. A theory was that they were brought by Vikings. Another was that they were descendants of Marie Antoinette’s long-haired cats.

Here are some of the fat cats of Instagram:


These are majestic-looking cats, frolicking on the snow. They still look like their wilder cousin, the tiger.



These cats have the springiest ears ever on a feline’s head!



A wide-eared and striped cat is feeling at home up in the mountains.



A white cat, camouflaged in the snowy surroundings. Another, so comfy at home.



A smarmy cat, but cute nonetheless.



Two cool cats are waiting for dinner and a show.




A one-eyed cat looks a little creepy but still has a beautiful and golden head of fur.