Woman Wants her Stepson Removed from a Family Picture Goes Viral and Enrages the Whole Twittersphere

A survey  of American families states that 42% of adults have at least one step-relative, 30% have a step-sibling, and 13% have at least one stepchild.
Most families treat their stepchildren as part of their own, but unfortunately, some don’t.

One mother and Twitter user (who will remain anonymous) posted a request on the Facebook group “Photoshop Fairy Connection,” a group that helps its members with photoshopping requests. She wanted her stepson removed from their family photo and was willing to pay $10.

Another Twitter user reposted the screenshots and got an overwhelming response, mostly on the negative side. It got 5.6k retweets, 6.1k quote tweets, and 36.8 likes.

The mother now forever lives in infamy.

The Twitter user who was responsible for the storm of outrage in the Twittersphere.

The mother’s post about wanting the center kid (her stepson) removed. She was willing to pay $10.

Internet reactions:

Alex, probably a mom, makes good sense.

Adam shows a picture of his stepdad, whom he loves, and is angry with the mom’s post.

He knows the side of the father in this situation.

A woman that has the same experience as the mom but does the opposite.

Anna has the same experience as the stepson.

She also sympathizes.

Molly’s heart is broken.