Appleseed the Black Kitty’s Journey towards a Happy Home

Cats, especially black cats, have a difficult time finding a home. Superstition dictates that black felines are symbols of bad luck, particularly in path-crossings. So if you are an animal lover and also superstitious, you might think twice about adopting one.

A man saw a little black ball of fur dangerously roaming a busy road, then had directly run under his car. He took a picture and posted it in his local Facebook group. Holly Brookhouser was in that group and immediately stepped in to adopt it.

It coincided with the second anniversary of her foster son Marcelo’s adoption, so it was very fortunate.

“Marcelo was so happy to get to name the kitty, thought real hard, and joyfully declared ‘Appleseed!” Holly said.

Appleseed, the black and lucky cat, is very happy right now.

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Appleseed’s meeting with a caring human being was a stroke of luck.

The kitty was so tired of its life on the streets that it dropped dead with exhaustion.

Marcelo has a big smile after meeting Appleseed for the first time.

Sometimes the kitty stares into space and creeps everyone put.

Appleseed likes to strut its cute furry self across the bed.

The kitty is almost lost in a pile of fluffy cotton.

The kitty and its mortal enemy: the blue ball of doom.