America’s Tribal Map Finally Shows The Owner Of The Land You Live On

On 12th October, Columbus Day will once again be commemorated. It marks the day in 1492 when Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. On a YouGov poll, over 7K American adults see the explorer as a villain by 40%. Only 32% see him as some kind of hero.

In recent years, people have been voicing the renaming of the holiday to Indigenous People’s Day. They also want the explorer’s statues to be removed.

Onto better things, a Native Land map was found. The map shows people the indigenous people that lived where they live right now.

More info:

To find out the original language, Indigenous history, and tribal ties, type the name of the town or the zip code of the place you are interested in, type in the app.

A Canadian from British Columbia, Victor Temprano, runs the project. He started it in 2015. The map covers Mexico, the USA, Canada, South America, South Africa, and Australia. Victor feels that such Western maps were created with ulterior motives that had to do with colonial times.

User feedback is used to update the Native Land project. A hired research assistant is helping with the editing of mapped territories, adding new territories, and including the relevant historical background.

Most people feel that the indigenous occupants of America were done an injustice.