As The Cat Watch The Two Rats Fight, The Woman Captured The Scene In An Amusing Video

She was on her way home when Cheez Goh came across a strange sight. Two rats were fighting, and the cat was watching.

The feline did not interrupt even once. On her Facebook, she continues to write that she thought the cat was smart for not interrupting.

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Cheez comes from Singapore. The day was 8th July at night, 10pm. She first saw the two rats chasing each other below her block. Then they parted before she could film anything.

Then she suddenly saw them there, and she shot the video, though she did not catch the beginning. As she got to her block, they were already running around her. She could hear their noises.

The fighters separated from the fight. One rat rushed the other way, while the second one rushed towards Cheez’s camera. It had no idea she was there taking a video.

So when she got startled and moved suddenly, the rat got frightened and rushed off away from her with the cat on its heels. It got away. The cat never managed to get it as it disappeared under the drain.

What took Cheez by surprise was the video going viral. She shared it because it was a rare, amusing sight. People enjoyed the video. It excited their creativity.