A Guy Tweeted On His Introduction As ‘The Only Kid Who Didn’t Bully Me’ And 24 People Posted Their Bully Experiences

Bullying is bad. Years after the experience, victims of the vice never forget. The good thing is that they also remember people who stood up for them or who were in a position to bully them but didn’t.

J-Ryz, a musician, recently tweeted about a meet with someone he went to high school with. The guy introduced him as “the only popular kid who didn’t bully me.” He said John (J-Ryz) as he had introduced him to his girlfriend, was his friend.

In his post, he reminded everyone that how you make people feel is what they will remember you for always. This encouraged others to post their stories.

The post went viral and is almost at its 500K mark of likes. It was retweeted 60K times. The content of the tweet reached Imgur and Reddit through screenshots.

The positive turn around was the similar experiences shared.







There was even a story where a victim of bullying helped a bully on a day he needed help. They are now good friends.









People shared of similar experiences, while others shared of reverse experiences. This is where the bully was shamed before his girlfriend after introducing the guy he and his friends bullied in the past.