Someone Questions The Authenticity Of A Woman Being The Captain Of A Ship, A Humorous Response Shuts Him Down

Kate McCue is the Captain of a ship (mega cruise). She is the first woman in the USA to achieve such a feat and the fifth globally. She prefers being addressed as Captain during cruises as it took her 19 years to get the title. She takes her cat with her.

So when one sexist wondered about the authenticity of her title, he got the kind of response that put him in his place. The clip of the response got viewed by 4.3M in TikTok.

@captainkatemccueReply to @seamus272 ##yourewelcome ##fyp ##foryou ##captain♬ original sound – captainkatemccue

The response was witty, and tickled to the core, focusing on the culprit’s grammar error and addressing the issue indirectly. Captain Kate is followed by 308.7k TikTok users and 170k Instagram users.

She posts captivating details of her experience of 13 years as a captain until she got to her latest achievement. She loves getting to travel the world courtesy of her job. She believes that whatever you set your eyes on, you can become, as she pointed out to The Telegraph.

In the beginning, there were many challenges she had to overcome in the male-dominated industry. But within the last twenty years, a lot has changed, and things are much better for women now. Anyone who contests with that will find themselves opposed.