A Cat With A Condition Called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Is Given A Happy Forever Home

Georgina Price adopted a cat from the rescue for the first time, along with Christopher Lardner, her fiancee. Herbie was an old cat, at 16-years-old. They were all the same saddened when he died a few months later.

Georgina could not stop thinking of those rescue pets who were special in one way or the other and would take longer to get homes.

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She found what she was looking for in Quinton (black and white 7-year-old cat), who was toothless, and Toby (short-haired 6-year-old cat), who had loose skin at the RSPCA site. Toby’s skin was stretchy as he lacked collagen, a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).

Georgina and her fiancee went to the RSPCA together. After the two were adopted, it took weeks for them to get adjusted to the new home.

Toby seems unaware of the condition he suffers from. This gets him easily injured when playing or grooming himself.

He hates getting his injuries cleaned by his owners. He prefers when Quinton licks them clean and helps him groom instead.

Despite the extra care Toby requires, the couple is glad to have them and to care for them. Otherwise, Toby’s behaviors are no different from those of a regular cat.

Georgina hopes this story will inspire more people to adopt special needs pets.