A Rare Moment In Time As Photographer Captures The Moment A Wolf And A Grizzly Meet

Yellowstone National Park is a great place to see wildlife interacting naturally. There many sights to behold. Recently, a grizzly bear in the Park had a lot to offer in entertaining the Park visitors.

He drowned a large bull elk then lay it on the bank of the Yellowstone River to feast on it for the week. The photographers had a good day capturing the scene.

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Seth Royal Kroft’s photos could have taken the day. The Montana photographer and traveler traveled there by night and got there at 6 am. When the sun started coming up, he started shooting from his Sony camera.

Shortly afterward, the grey wolf came into the scene. He first came 20 minutes before the sun came up, then kept coming back and leaving through the few hours that followed.

Seth was brought up in Montana. He enjoyed the mountains where he encountered a lot of wildlife. Seth enjoyed photographing them with a medium-range lens and camera. It was only recently that he got what he called a ‘wildlife’ lens.

He formerly met black bears occasionally through the years while camping. The grizzly bears that he found a few times were all from Yellowstone Park.

Gray wolves have been known to coexist with black bears and grizzly bears in North America.

Many people found the photos amazing.