Kristina Mcgowan Knit Cute Plushies With The Frog And Toad Theme

Kristina McGowan owns Frog & Cast Company, which she started in February this year. Her aim was to make a place where she could bring exposure to her knitting works, sharing patterns, and inspiring people to see the beauty around and venture into new things.

Knitting patterns shared on the site include pullovers, blanket, and hats.
Her latest pattern that is making its rounds on Reddit and Twitter is Frog and Toad featured in Frog and Toad Are Friends, a children’s book by Arnold Lobel.

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‘Frog’ means to undo in knitting, while ‘cast on’ means starting again. Her project is about new beginnings.

Her interest in knitting started as a child through how-to books. As a teenager, elderly women showed her shortcuts and tricks to the art.
The theme for her current project was inspired by childhood memories of her parents reading the story to her twin sister and herself as a bedtime story. A few years ago, as she was visiting with her parents during Christmas, she came across her favorite childhood book.

She felt inspired to knit a pattern for the two characters. That night, after making her father a Manhattan and taking one herself, she started knitting the frog as she sat by the woodstove.