A Panda Cub That Is One-Month-Old Has Been Photographed And The Adorable Photos Shared By The National Zoo

It is always great when we come across adorable baby animals. The treat to feast your eyes on is from The Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute. It is of a cute baby panda that is one-month-old.

The cub is captured on video in the first vet exam. The video was shared on the Institute’s Twitter account, which has 2.6 thousand likes and over 500 retweets.

The cub’s birthday was on 21st August 2020. The mother is Mei Xiang, a 22-year-old panda.

The vet’s examination showed positive results, with the cub being healthy and strong. The giant panda was examined on Friday, 25th September. She was also found to be healthy and strong.

For her cub, she was impregnated through artificial insemination. This giant panda is the oldest in the USA. She is the second oldest of her kind documented to have given birth.

The insemination was performed with frozen sperm. The entire process has been done for the first time in a US Zoo.

The cub was a little less than 3 pounds, 13.9 inches long, and 12.5 inches round. The cub feeds on the mother’s milk for all her nutritional needs. Pandas eat bamboo when they get to one-year-old plus other solid foods.

The cub’s DNA is being analyzed by the Institute’s Center for Conservation Genomics, to determine whether it is male or female. The public found the little cub adorable.