Mom Upcycles Spooky Mansions From Plastic Doll Houses Bought From Thrift Shops, Getting Great Results

When Barbie was created in the 1950s, she was not pink. But with time, we started associating dolls with the pink color. Mattel company, who owns the brand, copyrighted the color in the Barbie Pink version.

Samantha Browning, a wife, and mother, while watching TikTok, came across a wooden dollhouse painted black by one woman. She got the idea to turn dollhouses into spooky mansions.

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She bought her first dollhouse from a thrift store at $8. She also bought matte black paint for spraying and acrylic paint. Then, from the Facebook Marketplace, she got one for $25 because of the appealing designs, and another that she has not worked on yet, at a dollar, having a modern look.

A house takes five to more than ten hours to complete. She tries to change every detail of the original to incorporate her theme into the dollhouses.

Samantha has not yet started selling her goth mansions. But she plans to use them to spice Halloween. She plans to bring out two of the creepiest-looking houses outside and use lighting from candles operated by a battery.

She never expected to draw so much attention with so much beautiful art out there. Being an artist, she advises those like her who had lost motivation to start doing something random.

That one should not get demotivated by what others are doing. People congratulated her creativity and attention to detail.