7 Photos Showing The Shocking Effects On Arctic Glaciers By Climate Change That Happened In 100 Years

At the start of the 1900s, the discovery of Arctic glaciers had not yet happened. More than 100 years later, the glaciers bear the burden of exploitation, exploration, and research going on. The resulting global warming has affected their existence greatly.

To show you the devastating effects, Christian Aslund, a photojournalist from Sweden, working with Greenpeace, collected some old photos of Svalbard, Norway glaciers, that were at the Norwegian Polar Institute. He put them in a side-by-side display of photos he took in the same locations.

The distinct changes are shocking. He is promoting #MyClimateAction using this series of photos. This is a campaign by National Geographic which encourages discussions on climate change.

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They are also advancing protests against the Norwegian oil companies. These companies are conducting oil drills in those areas in the Arctic region where the ice is melting.

In the first photo, it can be seen how the glacier looked like a solid, fortified wall of ice. However, in the most recent photograph, the glacier has been massively eroded, with the remaining bits almost completely melted.



The pictures speak of a change that needs to happen. Without which, the remaining glaciers will soon melt away, leaving no trace of their existence.