They Saved A Kitten, The Dog Helped Them Raise The Kitten Who Has Grown To Think Himself A Dog

Several years ago, a tiny kitten was rescued by a Belgium firefighter. He brought the kitty home, where he was accepted by his two dogs, who helped raise him. He was rescued from a near-death situation in a pool of his own blood.

A few days at the vet made him good as new. The firefighter made the effort of trying to find the owners with no success. The cat is Azmael, then the Altdeutscher Schaferhund is Nimue, and the White Swiss Shepherd is Liam, as Nathalie, the firefighter’s wife, told ‘We.’

She shared a photo of the three in the “Aww” subreddit. It quickly got 77K upvotes. People found them adorable.

In the beginning, the kitten took to the Swiss Shepherd. He started caring for the little friend who tried nursing on the dog. Then decided the Shepherd was the perfect soft spot to rest.

Later Azmael started getting used to Nimue. The three became best friends. When they go out for walks Azmael tries to defend them when other dogs threaten them. In total, the family has 5 pets.

For longer walks, they feed him just before leaving so that he does not follow them. The small village surrounded by forests and meadows is ideal for the family and their pets. People thought that we should learn to live in harmony as those pets do.