28 Wholesome Pics Showing A Tiny Golden Retriever Pup Guiding A Large Blind Golden Retriever

Man’s best friend is helpful. They can guide, give emotional support, and can find things by using their sense of smell, among others.

Turns out, they are just as helpful to their kind and other animals. Tao is a dog whose eyes got surgically removed. The golden retriever had a serious case of glaucoma. The eyes could not drain the fluid, which resulted in great pain and necessitated the surgery.

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The first diseased eye was removed earlier, and then the second eye was extracted in January. After going completely blind, the 12-year-old dog recovered quickly and regained his vibrant way of life apart from jumping from or over high places.

After a while, Melanie, the owner, felt that he needed a playmate. This had always been her intention from awhile back when the dog’s brother succumbed to cancer.

She got the little dog Oko and got to training him on becoming Tao’s guide. The 17-months old pup seems to be coming on well in the task. The two dogs are already inseparable. They have a social media following of 30K fans.

Tao still takes his usual 8 miles per day walks and keeps up with training almost as much. From 8 weeks old, when Oko was brought in, he got along with the older dog.

Melanie is creating glaucoma awareness. Through The Kennel Club, Tao’s DNA will help identify other dogs with a high likelihood of developing glaucoma.