17 Pics A Photographer Took Of Cats And Their Human Doppelgangers

Have you ever seen animals that looked so much like their human counterparts that you thought they were soul mates? That is the project that Gerrard Gethings undertook.

He professionally photographs animals. This particular project was of cats and their lookalikes.

But as he explains, he has done a similar project with dogs. And when people liked it, he decided to do the same with cats. They proved difficult to control, and he had a hard time doing the cat photos.

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The efforts eventually bore visible results. Further, a memory card game was created from them. It is called ‘Do You Look Like Your Cat?

The humans photographed with the felines were models selected who had the most resemblance to the cats or who could play the part.





Gethings, who is based in London, found that not many photographers had tried to match felines with their human doppelganger. He had to travel in many places around England to get a bit of variation from the cats.
He narrated of his frustrations. Also, the cat’s faces were less expressive than those of dogs.





Gethings was first a painter. He studied fine art and owned a studio in London. He then became Terry O’Neill’s portrait photographer for a decade. Then, he started photography.

He enjoyed the immediate satisfaction in photography. In other projects, he photographed Elle Mcpherson’s pets. He has also done photos of goats, sheep, cows, pigeons, and bumblebees.