Fish Cake Of Ice Block Is The Perfect Surprise For This Seal’s 31st Birthday

Birthdays are the best time to appreciate those we love by gifting them and giving them all kinds of surprises. Animals could do with that too. Yulelogs seemed to enjoy his surprise.

Yulelogs is a grey seal that was rescued and now lives in the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. For his 31st birthday, he was surprised with one of the largest cake of frozen fish. His happiness is evident.

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He was first taken into a marine park in northern England in 1989 as a pup. When they closed, he was released into the wild. He was not able to get food for himself as he was used to getting fed by humans.

While out on his own, he used to chase people around who he thought were carrying fish in buckets for him. This went on for three months, after which he was rescued by the RSPCA when the people raised concern. By then, he weighed 60kg instead of 250kg.

It was obvious he could not manage on his own. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary was approached so it could be a home for him. It turned out to be his permanent home.

He is everyone’s buddy at the sanctuary. At 31, he can be seen to be full of life and energy. This is not a small feat as in the wild, most male grey seals have a life expectancy of approximately 25 years.

The surprise cake was made in such a way that would get Yulelogs thinking. That is what the sanctuary’s media coordinator and marketer Georgina Shannon explained to The Dodo. Many people who read the story were happy for Yulelogs.