A Soul-Uplifting Video Of A Duckling Wearing A Flower Hat Slowly Falling Asleep

If you got it rough, there is a video just for you. Someone put a flower hat on a duckling’s head, then took a video of the cute baby duck falling asleep. Then the video was uploaded online and kept rolling, uplifting hearts.

It was shared on Instagram first by the account Mother The Mountain Farm, where it was viewed by around 45,000. The caption informed that the duckling within the mint garden was two days old, and the sun hat was of a nasturtium flower. The duckling’s suggested name was Nasturtium.

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The account posts videos of adorable animals. They named the baby duck Nasturtium, whose flower hat fell off as she was falling asleep. Her sister Mint was joining her at the time.

But when it landed on Twitter shared by @wamlart it amassed 800 thousand likes. Many Twitter users were taken in by the video, with several commentators admitting it to be the cutest video they have ever seen.

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Nasturtium the duck changed her sleepy hat for a sun hat this morning 👒🤍(and her sister named Mint joined in) 💚🌿

Mother The Mountain Farm (@motherthemountain) 分享的帖子 ·

Also, the video inspired many to draw, paint, and sketch, the cute little bird. They shared their creations.

They shared their works of art. Some were detailed and very life-like. Others were mere sketches, but one could tell they were trying to bring out the duckling.

There was even one who went gothic on the depiction of the duckling, bringing her out in black. They were all quite creative.